Air-Quality Update: Thursday: Nov. 15, 2018

Good morning DECS’ families,

We continue to monitor the Air Quality Index to ensure our students, staff and school community are safe while at school. We understand many of our families are counting on us to provide students with a safe and supervised school environment. We take this responsibility very seriously. I am reviewing air-quality conditions and consulting with leadership at the county level, as well as, our surrounding districts throughout the day. We will continue to keep all activities indoors and will be minimizing the opening and closing of our doors.
I understand the concerns that our families have expressed and want to ensure you that our schools and our administrative teams will take all precautions to keep our students and staff safe until air quality improves to a safe level. I will continue to monitor the air-quality index and inform you of any changes or recommendations coming from our local health department.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this extremely challenging period for the State of California.

Steve Lewis, Superintendent