Continue to VOTE for DECS

The California Charter School Association’s “One Movement, Many Voices” video contest is in full swing.  This is a statewide contest to spread the word about charter schools. The 4 videos we have submitted highlight some of the amazing things happening at DECS.  Don’t forget to vote for DECS everyday until February 5th!


Search: Delta Elementary Charter

This will pop up with our 4 videos. Pick your favorite and vote for it daily! The contest allows one vote per person, per day. The voting period will end February 5th.

If we win, DECS could receive prize money up to $10,000!! Plus, the winning videos will be recognized at the yearly statewide CCSA Conference in March.

Please encourage others to forward this information on to their friends and family. The voting information will also be available through our school’s social media pages (another great way for everyone to share!).

We appreciate your support and can’t wait to see DECS shine brightly in the charter world! Please Continue Voting Every Day!