Coronavirus #2

March 10, 2020

To: River Charter Schools Parents and Guardians
From: Steve Lewis, Superintendent

I want our River Charter Schools Community to know that the situation regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to develop and is a top concern of mine and our School Board. I am in constant communication with local Health Professionals and the Yolo County Health Department.

Yolo County Public Health has reported there is still no evidence of community spread. River Charter Schools will continue to work with Yolo County Health, Yolo County Office of Education and other local school districts to closely monitor this situation and communicate to all our parents if Coronavirus does spread in our area.

We are making every effort to maintain a practical and appropriate response to the current situation. I would like to commend our school community for their patience as we continue to coordinate with local agencies to ensure the health and safety of our staff, students and community.

As has been recommended, I ask that you continue to:
1. Report absences related to cold/flu symptoms to our school office
2. Encourage the practice of regular and thorough hand washing
3. Remain at home until fever has been gone for at least 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medicines.

What is RCS doing to protect schools and students?

1. Education and Communication to Employees and the School Community
• I have provided guidance to our site administrators and will continue to update teams with relevant information.
• We are taking additional measures for thorough daily cleaning and providing additional opportunities for our students to wash their hands and work areas.
• Our Website will continue to have updates provided as I receive them from County Health Professionals.

2. Daily Monitoring of Absences
• DECS/LCS is tracking absences of students and employees. Principals are monitoring the numbers and trends
• Principals are working with our school nurse and following guidance from Yolo County Health, Yolo County Office of Education and neighboring districts

3. Cleaning Efforts Across Campuses
• We are working to address the spread of the flu and possible Coronavirus in our schools with the use of proper cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting agents. We are monitoring recommendations from the Health Department daily.

4.Travel and Events
• All public performances, fieldtrips, etc. will be canceled until further notice. The County Office of Education is recommending that all schools follow this recommendation for the next 3-5 weeks. RCS will be following this guidance and I fully understand the disappointment this causes our students and families. You have worked hard for upcoming PBL Signature Nights and Music/Art shows; however, we must be extremely diligent in our efforts to protect our staff, students and community. Site Principals will be meeting with staff to discuss alternatives that may include live-streaming PBL Signature Nights and other performances.
• Our daily busing will continue at our DECS campus but all fieldtrips will need to be rescheduled until further notice

Our priority at River Charter Schools is the health and safety of our entire school community. I understand how devastating this communication is; however, we must keep the health of our school community our chief priority.

I appreciate your support of our efforts and more importantly your understanding.

Steve Lewis