It’s STAR testing week!

Next week is an exciting week here at DECS. It’s STAR testing week.

This is an important week for our school. Our school is an amazing place where so much learning takes place on a daily basis. STAR testing gives us a chance to show our community how our students have mastered the California state standards and how much progress they have made. We want every student to participate and be a part of showing what they know and are able to do. Also, STAR tests are one way we can demonstrate to the district and the state the amazing things that are happening at DECS. The state requires that at least 95 percent of our students take part in the testing, so make sure your child gets plenty rest, eats a healthy breakfast and comes to school ready to do their best every day next week.  Remember, all we want is for our students to do their best.  Today’s STAR Rally was a blast and our students had fun.  We have created an environment that shows students that we believe in them.  Our staff has worked hard and we appreciate all you have done as DECS families to support us.

Thank you.

Mr. Lewis