Many Thanks Our Volunteers

It is that time of year when we want to thank you for volunteering. 

You, our volunteers, are who make our school special; you are why it works so well.  Without you, we would not have field trips.  Our papers might not be graded so quickly.  Our garden would be non-existent.  We could not have small groups getting special attention. And the list goes on.  There are so many things you do for our children at DECS.  We know that life is busy, and our time is precious.  Sometimes, those ten minutes just do not exist.  However, you have created ways to help, and for this, we are very grateful.

As you have read thus far, you might be wondering, “Am I a volunteer?”  Probably, you are.  Have you graded a paper?  Pulled some weeds?  Worked with a small group?  Chaperoned a field trip?  Made some phone calls?  Helped with a fundraiser?

If you are one of our many volunteers, please accept this invitation to attend our volunteer appreciation celebration!  This year, you will be celebrated on May 17 at Husick’s, and in order to try to accommodate more people, we will have two time slots for you.  The first will be in the morning to coincide with morning drop off from 7:30-9:00.  Coffee and pastries will be served!  Slot number two will coincide with pick up, from 2:30-4:00.  Coffee and treats will be served at that time!

During this time of fellowship, our volunteers will be hosted by our DECS staff and /or board members.  Every year, it is also a wonderful, relaxing time for all of us to mingle and get to know one another better!

So please mark your calendars now for this special event!  If possible, please RSVP to Shannon in the office so that we can at least have an approximation of how much food and drink to have on hand!  However, if you forget to RSVP, don’t let that keep you away!