Message From Superintendent Taylor

Greetings River Charter School Families,
I hope you are staying safe and healthy in these ever-changing times. I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself, as I have been honored to begin my tenure as the next superintendent of River Charter Schools. This is an exciting opportunity to lead a premiere charter school organization in the entire Sacramento region.

This network of schools is close to my heart, where all three of my children attended as scholars during their elementary years. Their lives have been immeasurably improved by the education they received from the teachers at River Charter Schools. I have spent the last 15 years of my career focused on improving educational outcomes for all learners and am thrilled to bring my skills, experiences and commitment to River Charter Schools as your next superintendent. Throughout my career, there has been a common thread of leadership with a focus on equity and impact for all students. To that end, I was elected in 2014 to serve the citizens of Yolo County as a county board member where I have proudly served this community as a voice of innovation to push towards dramatic improvement in our schools.

Prior to working at River Charter Schools, I served as a leader at Fortune School of Education, which operates 7 charter schools in Sacramento and San Bernardino serving mostly low-income African American students. I helped develop and lead innovative educational programs that were effective in closing achievement gaps for all students. Not only did I lead all our data and analytical work, I led our work on strategic planning and evaluation. I led major initiatives implementing student information systems, organizational health surveys, teacher compensation, and teacher evaluation systems. I have successfully written multi-million dollar grants to expand the depth and breadth of academic programs, have testified before the California Legislature and local school boards and as an expert in the field of assessment, accountability and charter schools, regularly presenting at conferences across the nation.

None of that is as important as my relentless pursuit of high expectations and closing achievement gaps. The events that have been unfolding in our nation these past few days highlighting the racial strife and distrust have given me pause to think even more deeply about what we in schools can do. I know that I do not have the answers, but I do know that ALL kids regardless of race, zip code, family background or any other characteristic deserve a quality education. I believe that all kids can learn, and that education can be a powerful equalizer. It is our job as leaders to stand shoulder to shoulder with our neighbors to confront subtle and not-so-subtle racial bias. This is not easy and not comfortable, but as the new leader of River Charter Schools, I can promise that our schools will be a place where all students are welcome, and all students will learn. I am excited to continue the dialogue with our families about how we can address these tough issues with our community and our scholars.
I am so excited to be working with the teachers, staff and principals to provide leadership for River Charter Schools as we enter a new and exciting era, where together we can improve educational outcomes for all of our students.

Matt Taylor

Introduction Letter from Superintendent Matt Taylor