Music Program

Welcome back to school!!! My name is Mr. Cormack and I teach music at DECS.  It’s always exciting to start a new year of music, but this one will prove to be especially great!

All 4th Grade students will have the opportunity to take part in Beginning Band. This move to include all 4th Grade students sets apart DECS from other schools because of it’s commitment to giving all students access to a quality arts-enriched education.

While most public schools are cutting their music programs and laying off their music teachers, DECS continues to lead the way in using music and art to educate each student in a well-rounded and practical way.

In Primary and General Music, students will receive more time each week to experience music. This is accomplished by the generous leadership or our administration and their vision to see our students take part in additional Project-based Learning experiences.

Musician’s Friend has good instruments for sale.  Along with instruments, we ask that you provide your students with the method book that associates to their instrument.  Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, and Trombone Method books are available at the link below.  Please be sure to get “Standard of Excellence” method books, as these are the ones we will be using in class.

Click the pictures/links bellow to be directed to their respective sites.  Click on the Musician’s Friend link to find an instrument for your student or type ‘Kjos Standard of Excellence book 1’ with your student’s instrument in the Sheet Music Plus website to find your book.   Thank you!


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