School Site Council Elections

There are many aspects of our schools that make us who we are but the single most important factor is parent involvement and voice.  This is your school and your voice matters.  School Site Council (SSC) provides oversight of the academic planning and budgeting process associated with the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP).  It is the SSC that provides the input that keeps our focus on our priorities. SSC provides meaningful consultation with the principal to oversee the implementation, motoring and revision of the site plan, including reviewing and analyzing data; consulting with advisory groups; evaluating programs and activities and allocating the expenditure of funds available to the school through categorical programs. The SSC is intended to be a decision-making body that represents all stakeholders of our school community.  We are conducting an election to select our SSC members.  This committee will meet monthly for an hour to assist our school in meeting the needs of all students.  Look for information coming home on how you can become a member of this very important committee and help us become even stronger in our movement.

Steve Lewis, Superintendent