Septic Issue at Clarksburg Middle School

Dear DECS Families,

You may be aware that yesterday Clarksburg Middle School has had a small septic back up on to the blacktop between Clarksburg Middle School and Delta Elementary Charter School. The septic system is backing up due to the unprecedented high water table caused by our record setting winter and high water releases in the Sacramento River. Many residents in the Clarksburg community are also having similar issues with their residential septic tanks, as the water table remains very high. The public health department has been out twice to monitor the situation and CMS and DECS are following all recommendations that they have made. The RDUSD Maintenance Staff is having the system pumped at regular intervals to minimize the overflow of the system. Please be aware that the effluent that is seeping up through the soil is not open sewage. The extent of the leakage yesterday was approximately 6 feet in diameter and was quickly contained; the affected blacktop was sanitized. There is a small area of water still present, but that should be mitigated and sanitized once the system is pumped out (which is currently in process). CMS has fenced off the affected area and it will remain fenced off until the situation is completely mitigated.
Please do not hesitate to call Principal Vanessa Belair at (916) 744-1200 or email her at if you have further questions or concerns.