Superintendent Message: COVID-19 update #4

Update from Superintendent Lewis: March 18, 2020

Last week, you received my update regarding the decision to close schools Monday, March 16, through Monday, April 13, 2020.  This is an unprecedented challenge for us all, and the impact on public education and our community is substantial. Our organization understands how this impacts our families and the hardship and anxiety it will cause for many.

As we begin this period of closure, the following are additional details about preparations, meal service, public health reminders and instruction.

River Charter Schools has canceled all classes, events, extracurricular activities, and performances.

School Sites
To complete essential tasks, administrators and school site administrative assistants have been finalizing tasks this week. Beginning tomorrow, designated school site personnel will be working remotely and checking emails and voicemails. Please know that across our two sites, employees are working to respond to all questions and concerns as quickly as possible, but may not be immediately accessible.

Our two sites will continue to provide free grab-and-go meals to all children.  We are currently discussing the concept of a central pickup location in West Sacramento.  Our Clarksburg location will not change.
All meals will be free to children 18 and under, regardless of whether they attend one of our two schools. We do not ask for names, any form of identification or what school or district the child attends. An adult can pick up the meal(s) for the children in a family and there is no need to bring the whole family to a pick-up site, consistent with County Health guidance to find opportunities to avoid groups and increase social distancing.

Also, meals are being served across Yolo County during school closures. More information and a map of locations are available at Yolo County Office of Education website.


River Charter Schools continues to share updates from our Yolo County Public Health Officer. The goals of the Yolo County Health Office’s recommendations are: 1) To protect people attending and working at large gatherings in the local community from contracting COVID-19; and 2) To reduce community transmission and introductions of COVID-19 into new communities.

We understand that both individual and collective actions matter. It also means that closing school sites, working from home, and the cancellation of group gatherings and public events are part of the equation. However, for this to make a difference, it also means making daily choices to stay away from each other as much as possible and when we are together to practice good social distancing measures.

Even in this period of closure, student health remains a priority.
If you or a family member is suffering a mental health emergency, please call 911 or visit your local emergency room. If you are in need of mental health support or resources, please access Mental Health supports available in our county.

In this period of closure, we are on a temporary suspension of instruction. This is due to a combination of considerations including student access to devices and the internet, and training and access to distance learning tools. We are, however, compiling supplementary materials and resources for students and families to voluntarily access at home during this period and we are providing those resources currently at each site.  Our staff are discussing additional learning opportunities and more details on this will be available in the coming days.


The Yolo County Public Health Officer is directing all individuals who reside in Yolo County to shelter in their place of residence effective March 19, 2020.  For more information please refer to the full order at

Stay connected with us. We will be providing updates as they happen through my regular Superintendent Messages. Additionally, families will receive regular communication and updates through our normal Site channels.  Our school administration will also be providing regular updates.  Continue to review our websites and Facebook pages (and all site communication channels).

River Charter Schools pledge to do our best to keep you informed in a timely manner and we will move forward, continuing to serve our students and to support one another in our community.


Thank you for your continued patience and support.


Steve Lewis, Superintendent