Tomato Plant Sale has been Canceled

Due to the low number of plants remaining after the contest, Ms. Hall and PTC are cancelling the plant sale tomorrow morning. We would like to thank all the families who participated.

Tomato Plant Winners!

It is so exciting to announce our first ever tomato plant winners! I am so impressed with the enthusiasm and effort everyone has put into these plants. Because of your participation, our school will have salsa, marinara sauce, tomato salad and so much more in the summer! Winners of the contest will plant their tomato plant next week in our learning garden. (Some classes have more than one winner because of the amount of students who entered the contest.)

K-Kiesel- Elizabeth and Sutton
K- Weissman- Autumn
1- Jewell- Jason
1- Goodman- Cope and Ayden
2- Ruiz- Aiden and Cameron
2- Baumgartner- Talia
3- MacDonald- Lewis and Grace
3- Morais- Zack and Asher
4- Beahm- Hunter K.
4- Andrews- Dominic and Abby
5- Miranda- Parker and Dylan
5- Burns- Tristen and Wyatt
6- Rapp- Cameron