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Hi! I am April, or Mrs. Fab! I adore children. I have been privileged to raise four children of my own, and I have enjoyed serving in their elementary classrooms over the last decade, as they have grown. I first came to Delta Elementary Charter School more than five years ago, as a parent searching for an inspiring and varied education for my own children. As an avid gardener, hiker, camper, biker, and crafter, I was overjoyed to find in DECS a school that supports children in learning through a variety of activities, including gardening, P.E., projects, art, and music. I have spent the last several years in the most magical place on earth: Kindergarten! Now that my own children are growing into high school and middle school, I am thrilled to be able to use my college background in Early Childhood Education to lead a class of my own and introduce a new generation of little ones to the wonders of reading, thinking, and discovery! I believe in learning through questioning and hands-on experimentation. And I believe that learning should be fun! As a passionate reader, my favorite subject to teach is beginning reading. My goal is to inspire students with a life-long love for reading, thinking, questioning, and learning. I love meeting new students and recognizing how each and every child is special in their own unique way!
P.S. In answer to the all-important kindergarten questions: my favorite color is blue, and my favorite animals are horses and cats.