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Amanda Allen

Hello! My name is Amanda Allen, and I am so thrilled to be teaching at DECS this year!
After graduating from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2008, I started my teaching career in Jacksonville, FL with a group of 16 kindergarteners. Inspired by the charter school movement and wanting to be closer to family (my parents have lived in Sacramento for over 10 years now!), I left for California in 2011 to continue teaching kindergarten at Rocketship Education in San Jose, followed by Citizens of the World Charter Schools (CWC)—a project-based charter school in Los Angeles with a strong emphasis on community and social-emotional learning.
My teaching philosophy was heavily influenced by my nearly five years at CWC, where I held a variety of roles ranging from classroom teacher, to instructional coach, to campus administrator. I believe the foundation of any great learning environment is a strong community that facilitates collaboration between students, as well as between teachers and parents. We are all partners in the growth of our DECS students!
I also believe that children learn best when they are exploring real-world problems and scenarios; when they are given the opportunity to be as creative as possible; and when they are having fun! My goal is to spark lifelong learners who love coming to school each day.