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Hi, my name is Tim Rapp, and I am the sixth grade teacher here at Delta Elementary Charter School. I have been teaching here since the school opened its doors. My first year I taught a fifth/sixth grade combination class and over the last four years I have taught sixth grade only. I have been married to my wife Raquel for 15 years and we have five children. I like coaching youth sports, camping with friends and family, and traveling to different places. I love watching and playing sports, and I especially love my two favorite teams, the San Francisco 49ers and San Francisco Giants.
I was born and raised in West Sacramento and went to their schools through the fourth grade. Then in the fifth grade, I started coming down to Clarksburg Elementary. After finishing the eighth grade there, I went on to Delta High School where I graduated in 1987. I worked in many different jobs after graduating and it wasn’t until I was 31 years old that I went to college full time. I graduated from Sacramento State with a Liberal Studies degree in 2004, and then finished the credential program in 2005.
I had realized that from all the years of playing youth sports and then coaching as I got older that I loved helping kids learn and play. This realization is what led me to want to become a teacher. My philosophy as a teacher is to provide an environment where students will feel safe and have a desire to learn. I will try to motivate students through encouragement and praise from their successes as well as their failures. I will facilitate their learning by providing opportunities for them to teach themselves and teach each other through group work, partners, and stations.
I am excited to be teaching in my sixth year at this school and I hope I can do it for many more.