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Hello, my name is Yvette Ackerman and I am so excited to be teaching at DECS for yet another year! I hold a Masters of Arts in Education and have been teaching since 2006. I was one of the 5 original teachers at DECS since its doors opened in 2007 and I have enjoyed seeing DECS grow into such an amazing school. In 2012, my passion for teaching and the visual arts collided as I stepped into the Art Director position. In 2014 I decided that art wasn’t messy enough and I took on the position of the Lead Educator of the Learning Garden. I like to boast that I have the best job on campus because I get to do all the fun and messy stuff! Working with the kids at DECS is a dream to me! I am so thankful for the Clarksburg community and DECS for allowing me to do what I LOVE!
When I am not at school you might spot me at church, at Temple coffee, paddle boarding, painting, gardening, or having dance parties with my beautiful daughter Avery. Life is an adventure and I’m so excited for the good things to come!